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Case Studies

Explore our collection of case studies to witness how The Elecare Group has empowered healthcare facilities across the nation to overcome challenges and achieve success.


Success stories from previous facilities

Below we’ve gone ahead and highlighted some real-life success stories of our previous clients. Through these case studies, you will gain insight into the innovative and customized solutions we offer to meet the unique needs and challenges of each of our clients.


Marketing Optimization

Western NY facility did not meet their census goals. They sent in Regional Administrator, and hired a new marketer but were not seeing the needed results.


1. Increased Medicare percentage by 23%

2. Repaired relationships with neighboring hospitals

3. Created relationships with new hospitals in the area

4. Motivated existing nursing staff

5. Trained new marketer

6. Replaced employees with productive new staff

7. Continued communication and management of new marketer


Admissions & Case Management

Due to Covid the facility census was very low. The existing marketing and admissions team were unable to come up with new ideas on how to raise the census in unchartered waters.


1. Made relationships with new hospitals in the area

2. Trained new admissions and marketing staff

3. Increase Medicare percentage by 35%

4. Maintained communication and management of new marketer

5. Opened new relationships for community referrals


Management Improvement

Health care operators purchased multiple facilities in Long Island that had very low star ratings and they couldn’t bring up the census at the rate they were expecting.


1. Created new teams with hand picked staff

2. Helped develop a new infrastructure within each department

3. Repaired and established relationships with the administration of hospitals, physicians in the local communities

4. Recognized trends within the admissions and marketing departments

5. Trained new admissions and marketing staff

6. Increased Medicare percentage by 35%

7. Maintained communication and management of new marketer

8. Contracted with new HMOs


Increased Census and Assisted Regional Team

Facility was stagnant in the low 70% census for a few years. Current staff and regional administration was unable to identify barriers and key issues holding the facility back from success.



1. Helped increase census to 91%.

2. Assisted in the hiring and training process of new admissions and Marketing team.

3. Traveled with marketers to local referral sources and helped open new lines of communication.

4. Assisted in opening and cultivating new relationships with key administration and doctors within the local hospitals.

5. Trained the team to making proper in services and community outreach.

6. Daily contact and onsite visits to train the Admissions director and help to restructure the office for success.


Restructuring & Exposure

1. Helped increase referral volume by 75%.

2. Re-Structured admissions office by hiring proper personnel to fill positions that were not filled.

3. Assisted in the marketing and outreach for multiple hospital and community events.

4. Established a line of communication with doctors in the community as potential referral sources. 

5. Helped re-design logo, brochures and marketing material for the facility. 

6. Identified issues within the nursing department that was holding census back.

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